We have a unique culture at Clip

Our platform offers innovative products and services to help businesses in Mexico grow and thrive.

Our mission
Empower people to exchange value

Customers want to pay by card. So accepting card payments is essential for growing a business.

That’s why our terminals work with all national and international debit and credit cards, including vouchers, points, and government benefit cards. No friction for our merchants’ customers, no hassle for our merchants – just seamless transactions at the point of sale.

Our vision
Clip in every business, love it every day!

We believe that every business in Mexico should be able to compete with any company anywhere in the world. Compete – and win.

That’s why we believe they should have access to the very latest fintech innovation, backed by best-in-class customer service.

Our values
Guiding your journey

Find everything you need to know about our passion for helping Mexican businesses grow and succeed.

Throughout our own growth, six uncompromising values have shaped everything we’ve done. They still do, and always will.

We commit
…to our mission, goals & metrics.
We are curious
… and that’s how we stay relevant.
We obsess
…over our customers to deliver the best solutions for them.
We are trusted
…to do what is right, anytime, anywhere.
We share
…easy, often and honestly.
We adapt
…to drive change and embrace diverse opinions.
Become a Clipper
Maximizing potential

We believe that a career with Clip should be exciting, rewarding and purposeful. That’s why we strive to create a unique workplace where personal wellbeing is fully supported.

Our Clippers are empowered to fulfill their professional ambitions and to flourish personally, all while working at the cutting-edge of fintech innovation and technology.

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