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Financial Times interview to our founder
Adolfo Babatz on May 30th, 2013.
A market with enormous potential

In recent years, Mexico’s economic transformation has been remarkable. Today, the country has a rapidly expanding digital economy with outstanding potential for growth and exceptional investment opportunities. Here’s why.

A hub of innovation

Mexico is rapidly becoming a world leader in the development of new innovative technologies.

Trade agreements
and near-shoring

The nation enjoys a seamless trade market thanks to agreements with major economies and is set to benefit from foreign direct investment flows driven by near-shoring repositioning of global supply chains.

Booming young population

Mexico has a population of 130 million people, with a median age below 30 years old.

One of the most powerful economies in the world

Mexico is establishing itself as a major nation on the global economic stage.

10th largest country in the world

Mexico has a 130 million population, up from just 100 million 20 years ago. It is the 2nd largest country in LATAM and the 10th largest country in the world. In 2021, Mexico had the same GDP (US$1.3 trillion) as Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile’s GDP combined, and just US$0.3Tn lower than Brazil.

A young, tech-savvy and entrepreneurial workforce

Mexico is powered by a young workforce. The average age of Mexicans is just 29 – almost a decade younger than in the US and China.

These young people are ambitious, skilled, and naturally drawn to digital innovation. In fact, there is 66% smartphone penetration, so it comes as no surprise that there is an entrepreneurial ecosystem boom.

The bridge between the US and Latin America

Bordering North America, Mexico offers a frictionless gateway to the world’s most important markets. Exports in 2022 grew more than 18% YoY and export to the US are valued at US$614.5 billion annually.

Mexico is also successfully attracting inward investment. Mexico is strongly benefiting from foreign direct investment (FDI) flows driven by near-shoring repositioning of global supply chains.

Most stable economy in Latin America

Mexico has a constant and very attractive GDP growth (~3% in 2022). It has the most stable currency in Latin America and is one of the most traded currencies in emerging markets. There is also an absence of large fiscal deficits and moderate public debt (under 50% of GDP). 

A digital revolution is underway
A fertile place for new startups 

The start-up ecosystem is thriving in Mexico, supported by a stable economy and a technological boom. The young workforce drives this growth, with hundreds of new companies being founded every year. 

Mexico is home to eight unicorn companies, up from 0 companies at the start of 2021. These companies have shown massive growth since 2020, confirming the digital revolution taking place in Mexico.

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