The beginning of a digital revolution

Our story started in a small room at the back of a coffee shop and Clip was founded to achieve one simple goal: to help businesses get access to digital payment solutions.

How did it all start?

Back in 2012, our founder, Adolfo Babatz, realized it was almost impossible to pay by card in many businesses in Mexico. He made it his mission to provide these companies with a services that is easy to join and simple to use.

Clip was born with the idea of helping small and medium-sized merchants sell more and grow their businesses, and today we remain committed to that idea offering payments, financial services, broader commerce, and software solutions for merchants.

Our milestones
Clip is born

Adolfo Babatz leaves his former employer PayPal and incorporates Clip on September 27, 2012, under the name of BlitzPay Inc.

Our first transaction

We process our first transaction with the iconic Clip device that connects to the headphone jack of a smartphone - and gives shape to our logo today.

Our first office

We open our first office in Mexico City.

Clip Plus®

We launch Clip Plus®, a Bluetooth-enabled device with PIN capabilities that connects wirelessly to a smartphone.

Clip Pro®

We launch Clip Pro®, our first POS device with embedded free wireless internet connection for life that does not require a smartphone to operate.

Clip Plus 2® and Clip Total®

We launch Clip Plus 2®, a renovation of our original Clip Plus® that is now enabled for contactless transactions, and Clip Total®, our first device with printing capabilities.

New headquarters

We move to our new corporate headquarters at Torre Manacar in Mexico City.

Our first card-not-present transaction

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we launch a card-not-present solution to allow merchants to continue accepting digital payments throughout lock-down.

Acquisition of Swap

Clip acquires Swap, an IFPE (Institution of Electronic Payment Funds) that provides digital wallet and payment management services.

Reaching unicorn status

Following a US$250m investment from Softbank and Viking, Clip becomes a Unicorn company.

Clip Mini®

We launch Clip Mini®, the smallest and cheapest terminal that weighs 69 grams and is 7 centimeters wide.

Clip Pro 2® and Clip Stand®

We launch Clip Pro 2®, a renovation of the Clip Pro® launched in 2019 (2x more powerful, 30% thinner and larger screen) and Clip Stand®, a full HD 11.6’’ portable touch-screen with embedded software solutions.

Credit facility

Clip raises a US$50m credit facility from Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, and HSBC, and we celebrate our 10th anniversary.

2023 and beyond…
The best is yet to come

We are confident that great things will be achieved in the years to come. Join us on this journey and together we will create better opportunities for all.

A massive digital payments opportunity

Mexico is the largest digital payments opportunity in the world, where over 80% of total private consumer expenditure (PCE) is still in cash.

The market for digital payments stands today at $170bn and it is expected to grow double digit over the coming years. Most of the growth will actually come from small and medium-sized (SME) merchants, which have been the most underserved regarding debit and credit card acceptance.

Where does Clip come in?
10 years at the forefront of Mexico’s digital transformation

We started a digital revolution by making digital payments accessible to every business, pushing financial inclusion to the next level.  Today, we are proud to be the first fintech unicorn in Mexico. 

After a decade of growth, we are:

  • Trusted by hundreds of thousands of businesses.
  • Offering many products and services beyond payments
  • Home to a team of more than 900 Clippers.
How Clip helps businesses grow

We help businesses digitize their sales by implementing innovative payment, commerce and management solutions. That means reduced friction, increased efficiency, and fewer barriers to growth.

Our platform offers digital payments with state-of-the-art point-of-sale (POS) systems, financial services, software solutions such as inventory management and online commerce solutions. This makes us the ideal partner for businesses of every size in any industry.

And this is just the start
Would you like to join our journey?
Clip has led the Mexican fintech market for 10 years. Today and tomorrow, we will continue to offer personalized solutions to any company. With your help, we can accelerate this transformation and support even more enterprises.

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