Our ESG Commitments

Clip is driving change that reaches far beyond financial inclusion.

Our vision for the future includes a commitment to equality, diversity, innovation, and socioeconomic impact.

Our impact on Financial Inclusion, Governance & Diversity

Clip was born with a mission to help any business gain access to digital payment solutions. A mission to drive financial inclusion in Mexico.

Today, we work with businesses of every size across the full spectrum of industry sectors in Mexico.


At Clip, we are committed to optimizing the use of natural resources. 82.3% of Clip’s transactions are paperless, and our premium devices offer the possibility of not printing paper receipts at all. This saves around 38 tons of paper per year.

Furthermore, we are headquartered in a LEED Certified building in Mexico, and our key logistics partner (Ingram Micro) is a member of Association Bilan Carbone (ABC), with ISO 14001 certification for an effective environmental management system.


We offer our team a healthy work-life balance, with a focus on personal growth. This has helped us achieve an employee satisfaction of 79%. Likewise, we encourage diversity in the workplace, with Clippers representing 15 nationalities spread across 4 continents.

Moreover, we actively support organizations and initiatives that focus on different aspects of community development, including gender, social equality, and financial inclusion. Over 75% of our customers are new to digital payments, and nearly 50% of our merchants are female entrepreneurs.


Clip implements strong policies related to ethics and anticorruption, and we are working to continuously improve our standards. Our Board of directors and Audit Committee are comprised of diverse and highly experienced leaders, and board and top management compensation is guided by third-party studies.

We take Data Privacy very seriously, and we are proud to have had zero complaints in this area. We have PCI Compliance and PAI policies in place, and we do regular external and dark web monitoring.

Visualizing a future for all

Clip is much more than a nice financial inclusion story.

We have a platform to create more opportunities for businesses and we intend to use it. We have a responsibility to develop connections with people who have faced economic challenges in the past and help them overcome these barriers.

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