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Enhance customer service with prompt responses on Instagram

September 3, 2020

In the world of business and online sales, Instagram has a lot of weight nowadays. In fact, it is a showcase where entrepreneurs and companies constantly showcase their products or services. It is a great sales tool, in addition to being a great customer service channel.

So if your company has a large volume of queries and you want to optimize response times to offer the best customer service, don't miss these tips on how to set up and start using quick replies on Instagram. This is very easy and, most importantly, useful!

How to use Quick Replies on Instagram 

Social media are excellent sales channels. That is why, to learn how to use Instagram and provide effective customer service is essential if you want to succeed in the app.

This is why we bring you this guide that will help you resolve doubts almost instantly and thus provide outstanding customer service.

How to setup Quick Replies on Instagram messages

Once we know the main advantages of using this type of replies, we will now explain in detail how to set them up so you can start using them right away. Let's get started!

*Please note: Quick replies are available only for company profiles on Instagram. 

  1. To begin setting up auto-replies, you must log in to your business account. Once inside the profile, you can click on the three lines icon at the top right of the screen.
  2. A menu will then open. Look for "settings" at the bottom and click on it.
  3. In the next window, several options will appear. Locate the one that says "company" and click on it.
  4. A new menu with the option "Quick Answers" will appear, select it.
  5. A new window will open. Here you can start configuring
  6. all the answers you want. For this, you simply need to click
  7. on "new quick reply".
  8. In the following window, you must set the answer at the top and the word or command that will activate it at the bottom.

For example, we can set up a text where we inform about the 

price and qualities of a product.

 This way, when the customer asks for it, with a simple word like "price" it will be activated.

Benefits of using Quick Replies on Instagram

  • Allows us to reduce workload.

Being previously configured responses, it is not necessary that, on each occasion, we write it by hand. 

We can simply send a standard response to that query with a command or keyword. This saves resources and time.

  • It prevents queues or bottlenecks from being generated.

Having to answer manually to each of them can generate unnecessary waiting times, besides consuming a lot of time, if you have a high volume of messages or queries.

With Instagram Quick Responses, none of this would happen, since we could use predefined messages to answer the most frequent doubts.

  • It generates a positive image in the user or potential customer.

Today, users are looking for quick answers to their questions, particularly if they are simple and not very important. For this reason, having a complete answer in a short period of time is taken as something positive.

Importantly, quick responses on Instagram are designed to solve common doubts, which are often reiterated by users or customers. Simple aspects and, especially, repetitive ones.

For slightly more complex queries, you can always provide personalized attention that fits the needs of the customer in question.

  • Conclusion: is the quick reply feature on Instagram useful? 

This feature, as we saw throughout the article, can be very useful to activate this functionality. This way, we will be able to write detailed answers only once and use them as many times as we want or as necessary.

Therefore, it is a very useful option for companies with a high volume of queries through social networks, and these questions are almost always the same.

So if you are in a similar situation where you think you are wasting a lot of time answering the same questions, do not hesitate and start configuring this feature.

Surely you will notice a considerable saving in time, time that you can devote to any other aspect of your work. Besides, your customers will be satisfied to see that their questions are answered quickly and efficiently. Would you like to try it? 

Guest author: The information contained in this article has been written by a professional outside Clip, and all the information contained in it is the responsibility of the writer.

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