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Meet the people that make things happen.
Adolfo Babatz
Chief Executive Officer

Adolfo Babatz is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Clip. Before founding Clip in 2012, Adolfo held different positions at PayPal...

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Juan José Galnares
President and Chief Revenue Officer

Juanjo is our President. Before joining Clip in 2017, Juanjo worked at Amazon, McKinsey and P&G...

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Mariano Carranza
Chief Financial Officer

Mariano is our CFO. Before joining Clip in 2021, he worked at Goldman Sachs...

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Myriam Cosío
Chief External Affairs Officer

Myriam is our Chief External Affairs Officer. Before joining Clip in 2015, Myriam worked at American Express...

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Hernán Di Chello
Chief Technology Officer

Hernan is our CTO. Before joining Clip in 2022. Hernan worked at dLocal and Mercado Libre...

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Sujit Mishra
Chief Product Officer

Sujit is our CPO. Before joining Clip in 2021, Sujit worked at AirAsia and Paytm...

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Francisco Trejo
Chief Productivity and Accounting Officer

Francisco is our CPAO. Before joining Clip in 2018, Francisco worked at CMR, Sephora and 3M...

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Víctor Velázquez
Chief People & Development Officer

Víctor is our Chief People & Development Officer. Before joining Clip in 2018, Victor worked at P&G...

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Armando Areias
Chief Marketing Officer

Armando is our CMO. Before joining Clip, Armando was Chief Client Officer at Banco Next...

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